Plexxus Attends Networking Event at McMaster University

On September 25th, Plexxus attended a career and professional development event at McMaster University for MBA students. The event was an opportunity for first year MBA students to gain interview experience and network with different employers.

Plexxus Attends Networking Event at McMaster UniversityPlexxus has established an excellent track record of hiring Co-op MBA students to work as Sourcing & Contract Analysts. The success of the program is visible as the initial Co-op students who join Plexxus for a four-month internship, typically come back to work for us in a full-time capacity upon graduation.  Having a relationship with smart, eager minds, that value Plexxus as an employer of preference, will continue to assist with our recruiting of top talent.

This networking event was a great screening tool for potential positions. It was also a way for the students to gain interview experience and an opportunity for Plexxus to establish a presence in the university community.

Representing Plexxus was Sean Holman, Lee McKenzie, Kim Krempaszanka, and Courtney Ng. Three of our Plexxus employees held mock interviews with 10 students lasting 1 hour each, with networking in between interviews. 143 first year MBA students attended the event, with 25 different employers. This event is the first of many networking events that Plexxus will be participating in!