Supporting the Provincial Supply Chain Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ontario Health established a Provincial Supply Chain Task Force where Plexxus played a lead role in rapidly sourcing millions of dollars worth of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to meet the province’s requirements. This included working closely with the province to identify inventory levels and gaps in provincial stockpiles.

Plexxus also supported provincial efforts to expand capacity of intensive care units (ICUs) and provincial COVID-19 testing by sourcing much needed equipment such as ventilators, critical care beds and testing swabs for testing and caring for patients during the pandemic.

N95 and surgical face masks for coronavirus protection

Enabling our Hospitals to meet their Patient Needs during the Pandemic

At the outset of the Pandemic, Plexxus quickly enacted its internal Pandemic Planning Committee with an objective to ensure the safety and well being of our employees and to ensure we continued to provide essential services to our hospitals and the health care system. In addition, the committee served as a forum for tabling issues, challenges and opportunities while providing rapid decision making during an evolving crisis.

In order to ensure continuity of services from our Distribution Centre (DC), we established safety protocols for our employees, made necessary shift changes and implemented new processes to deal with the complex flow of inbound and outbound PPE supplies.

Our DC and Sourcing teams worked closely with our In-Hospital teams to monitor evolving PPE requirements and available supply from both our core as well as alternate suppliers. This included managing ever changing delivery lead times, allocations, substitutions, backorders and bulk shipments in a time of global shortages.

Ultimately, the combined effort of our teams has proven critical to ensure that available supply continues to be provided when required by our hospitals for their staff and patients.

Female doctor working at the hospital wearing a facemask to avoid COVID-19

Supply Chain Relationships, Collaboration and Care

The Plexxus Shared Services model has enabled us to come together quickly with our hospitals, pivot services where necessary, and leverage our supply chain relationships to ensure that products required are delivered on time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team works around the clock with suppliers and hospitals, leveraging our strong supply chain relationships in order to provide PPE and clinically compliant substitutes.

Recognizing the urgency of the pandemic for hospital staff, our Sourcing team connected early with our hospitals to assess and determine the relative priority and urgency of all in-flight initiatives and to make necessary changes to mitigate any risks of delays.

Our integrated model enables us to provide excellent service to our hospitals, in the ongoing delivery of supplies in a time of crisis. Thanks to all our suppliers and hospitals for the work we are doing together during the pandemic.

Nurse in gloved hands holding up a face mask