On April 1, 2006 Hospital Business Services (HBS) began operating as a shared service , with a mandate to transform the back office of its Member hospitals. Initial funding was provided by the founding Members, as well as the Ontario Ministry of Finance OntarioBuys program. At that time HBS acquired Shared Healthcare Supply Services and Hospital Logistics Inc.

On November 22, 2006 Hospital Business Services became Plexxus. This name is based on the word plexus, which means a combination of interlaced parts; a network. This reflects both the healthcare sector Plexxus serves, and the integrated solutions it provides.

Since it began operating, Plexxus has made significant progress against its mandate:

  • generating significant savings through group purchasing;
  • successfully implementing an Integrated Technology Solution (SAP);
  • improving quality and service through implementation of leading practices and standardized business processes;
  • demonstrating collaborative efforts to create value.

In December 2015 the Members renewed their agreement, and moved forward with a shared vision for the future.

On April 1, 2016 Plexxus celebrated its 10th anniversary as it moves forward with a focus on continuing to create value for its Members and Customers.

In January 2017 Plexxus and the Central Ontario Healthcare Procurement Alliance (COHPA) expressed their shared interest in exploring opportunities to integrate services. In  June 2017 the integration of COHPA into Plexxus was completed.