Fraud Notice – Plexxus Suppliers

Dear Valued Supplier:

We are writing to you today to make you aware of an incident related to fraud and Plexxus hospitals. We ask that you distribute this message to others in your organization for whom it may be relevant.

One of our suppliers recently advised us of some orders they have received that appeared to be from one of our hospitals but were not generated by any Plexxus or hospital system. Because these orders were different from our normal purchase orders, in how they appeared, how they were received and the shipping address, the supplier contacted us to verify their authenticity before shipping the product.

Although there was no loss involved in this instance, because we have heard about other similar attempts, we are sending you this note to remind you that fraudulent activity is rampant right now and we must all be on our guard to prevent what harm we can. We ask that you be vigilant and suspicious of anything that does not seem quite right or seems out of the ordinary. Do not hesitate to call or contact us to verify orders that seem unusual. Please reinforce with your staff the message that all controls built into our systems and processes should be followed diligently.

We are continuing to review ways in which our processes can be tightened up to prevent incidents without undue hardship to the users. We are also asking our hospitals to be vigilant.

Unfortunately, this warning is coming at a time when many of us are already facing the challenges of unchartered waters.  We truly appreciate your efforts and thank you for your continued support.

Kindest Regards,

Andrea Englert-Rygus        
Chief Procurement Officer & Vice-President, Customer Relationship Management

Paul Holland,
Vice President, Logistics