Procure to Pay

Plexxus provides Purchase Order Management and Accounts Payable services to its hospitals as part of its end-to-end supply chain services.

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Purchase Order Management

Plexxus provides transactional purchasing services to its hospitals:

  • Standard processes followed by all hospitals
  • Regular reviews and audits show strong policy compliance
  • Transactions are e-enabled through common scalable platforms
  • Use of common and complete catalogues for sourced products and services

Accounts Payable

Plexxus provides transactional accounts payable services to its hospitals:

  • Receive and match Purchase Order Invoice with order and receipts
  • Provide payment registers for funding and process payments
  • Verify approval for non-trade payables
  • Process physician/employee expense payments
  • Manage vendor additions/edits and EFT information


Plexxus facilitates an effective and efficient sourcing process, designed to procure products and services based on an appropriate level of quality (clinical or otherwise) at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

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Leverage leading sourcing practices to:

  • Maximize value
  • Optimize resources
  • Manage contract expiries
  • Comply with all applicable legislation

Spend Management

Spend is categorized to:

  • Enable comprehensive market analysis
  • Develop a multi-year sourcing plan
  • Identify new sourcing opportunities
  • Identify product standardization and rationalization opportunities

Supplier Management

  • Relationship management with suppliers
  • Performance, cost and process improvement and innovation opportunities.

Contract Management

Effective contract management:

  • Standardized processes and effective tools to manage contracts administration
  • Monitor to ensure accuracy, realization of discounts, rebates and allowances

Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Introduce and establish innovation and value-based approaches to procurement for highly strategic areas of spend:

  • Expand value beyond financial measures to include patient and health system level outcomes
  • Develop strategic partnerships within the healthcare and innovation ecosystems to support better outcomes for our hospitals, patients and the larger healthcare system
  • Work with the supplier community to identify innovation opportunities that help maximize hospital and patient value over the life of a contract

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Digital Services

The supply chain services provided by Plexxus are enabled by world-class technology. Plexxus has efficient and responsive services that provide timely and relevant information for decision making.

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Information Technology

We provide our hospitals with a scalable technology platform to allow all of our business services to optimize e-Requisitioning, Purchasing, Warehousing, Cart Management, Accounts Payable and Financials.

  • Business intelligence tools and analytics are in place and effectively used by Plexxus and its hospitals in decision making.
  • Our Information Technology services support thousands of users both internally at Plexxus, and externally at Plexxus hospitals.

Data Governance & Management

A critical component of our business is carefully consolidated and managed data that provides a single shared catalogue of Materials, Vendors, and Financial Accounts.


Plexxus has a fully integrated efficient and effective procure-to-pay process that ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time.



Plexxus and MMC have consolidated their Distribution Centre Operations to provide their hospitals with an efficient, scalable platform that leverages distribution as a key component of integrated supply chain services. Plexxus manages all Distribution Centre Operations on behalf of both organizations. The Distribution Centre provides a one ship-to opportunity for our suppliers to have appropriate products shipped to over 65+ hospital sites in Ontario from a centrally managed location. The 95,000 square foot, modern Distribution Centre located in Oakville, provides medical, surgical and housekeeping supply fulfillment on a just-in-time basis with annual throughput of $280 million.

  • Operates six days a week providing just-in-time delivery to Hospital sites
  • Inventory management and control model in place to optimize assets and achieve service levels
  • High degree of picking accuracy and line fill

In Hospital Logistics

Plexxus manages the In-Hospital Logistics teams who provide comprehensive materials management support and supplies management to our customers.

  • Regular cart reviews to ensure appropriate mix and minimum and maximum product levels
  • Support backorders, recalls, substitutions and product transitions
  • Stock vs. non-stock inventory program
  • Inventory expiry and obsolescence manage

Product Support

Product Support works collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the health of our supply chain through the coordination of contract implementations and the resolution of supply issues.

  • Supplier Issue Management
  • Product Quality
  • Backorders and Substitutions
  • Contract Award
  • Transitions & Implementations