Plexxus Category Management Director is Recognized as a Canadian Immigrant Impacting Supply Chain

Two culturally diverse business men sitting at a table laughing together

Supply Chain Canada’s Canadian Immigrants Impacting Supply Chain™ initiative, is an acknowledgement of all the Canadian immigrants who have tirelessly contributed to enhancing the supply chain profession and their roles within it. Those who have been listed demonstrate pioneering spirit, relentless drive and visionary leadership, are worthy of being celebrated as an integral part of the Canadian supply chain, and as role models to others moving forward; they represent our association’s ambitions and our country’s values—strengthening both in the process. 

Please join us in congratulating Khusen Shukurov, Category Management Director, Redevelopment, Infrastructure and Facilities at Plexxus, who has been named to this list.

Khusen has been critical to the success of Plexxus’ newly created Redevelopment and Infrastructure category. Within a very short time frame after starting at Plexxus he has demonstrated his knowledge and expertise providing immediate dividends in establishing credibility with the hospitals Plexxus supports. Khusen developed new construction contracts and introduced a new robust supplier performance management program for Plexxus hospitals. Through these initiatives, Khusen has helped establish the Plexxus brand in this challenging category.

During his time at Plexxus, Khusen has demonstrated and continues to develop his leadership skills. He was hired in April 2018 as the Senior Category Manager, Redevelopment and Infrastructure and in September 2019 assumed responsibility for the facilities portfolio and was promoted to Category Management Director, Redevelopment, Infrastructure & Facilities.

Prior to immigrating to Canada in June 2016, Khusen worked internationally for the United States of America Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the European Commission programs for almost 10 years. In all these positions Khusen was responsible for end-to-end project management, designing and implementing development projects, supporting socio-economic reforms in transition countries and improving the living conditions of vulnerable groups and people. Khusen holds two post-secondary degrees in Public Administration (University of Louisville, USA) and International Economics (University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Uzbekistan).

Please join us in congratulating Khusen on this important accomplishment. For more information: click here.