Plexxus, Mohawk Medbuy and Medtech Canada Spearhead New Advisory Group to Strengthen Health Care Supply Chain

A solid and collaborative relationship between suppliers and sourcing organizations enables a free flow of constructive feedback and ideas. Over time, this contributes to a more streamlined, effective supply chain with a positive impact on the health care system.

To that end, Mohawk Medbuy (MMC), Plexxus and Medtech Canada are pleased to introduce the creation of a Strategic Supplier Advisory Committee. Comprising senior leaders from MMC, Plexxus and select Medtech supplier members, the Committee will foster ongoing engagement and dialogue on supply chain strategies, improvements and innovations to benefit the health care system.

The Committee also provides a forum to discuss strategic improvement opportunities in areas such as procurement processes, value-based procurements, templates and contract language.

“Our goal has always been to get the best value for our Members,” said Tony DiEmanuele, President and CEO of Mohawk Medbuy. “By maintaining a steady, ongoing dialogue with suppliers in the industry, we can approach procurement from a different perspective – beyond price-based measures. We can work toward opportunities to maximize value and patient outcomes, and provide leadership for provincial and national adoption of best practices.”

“I see this committee as a commitment to building long-term effective relationships between our supplier community and MMC and Plexxus,” said Brian Lewis, President & CEO of Medtech Canada. “This is a refreshing opportunity to bring our collective expertise together to explore new ideas and new innovative solutions for the health care sector.”

“We have seen how innovation within the supply chain and value-based approaches to procurement can drive greater value across the health care system and look forward to participating on the Strategic Supplier Advisory Committee,” said David Yundt, President and CEO of Plexxus.

The first meeting of the new Supplier Advisory Committee took place on October 7 with plans to meet quarterly thereafter.