Plexxus facilitates an effective and efficient sourcing process, designed to procure products and services based on an appropriate level of quality (clinical or otherwise) at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Spend Management

Spend is categorized to:

  • enable comprehensive market analysis
  • develop a multi-year sourcing plan
  • identify new sourcing opportunities
  • identify product standardization and rationalization opportunities

Leverage leading sourcing practices to:

  • maximize value
  • optimize resources
  • manage contract expiries
  • comply with BPS Procurement Directive


Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Introduce and establish innovation and value-based approaches to procurement for highly strategic areas of spend: 

  • Expand value beyond financial measures to include patient and health system level outcomes
  • Develop strategic partnerships within the healthcare and innovation ecosystems to support better outcomes for our hospitals, patients and the larger healthcare system
  • Work with the supplier community to identify innovation opportunities that help maximize hospital and patient value over the life of a contract
Contract Management

Effective contract management:

  • standardized processes and effective tools to manage contracts administration
  • monitor to ensure accuracy, realization of discounts, rebates and allowances
Supplier Management
  • relationship management with suppliers
  •  performance, cost and process improvement and innovation opportunities.