Plexxus provides supply chain services across a broad range of products and services on behalf of our hospitals.

Medical equipment on trayPlexxus has worked closely with key clinical and operations staff at our hospitals in developing a category management model for select spend categories, to drive value and enhance supplier relationships.

This model is a strategic end-to-end process for buying goods and services that aligns hospital goals and requirements with supply market capability. This maximizes long-term value for hospitals by shifting the focus from price to total cost and value.

Plexxus has dedicated Category Directors responsible for:

The benefits of procurement by category include collaboration through bulk purchasing, consolidating of planning and accountability across the category and centralized procurement data analytics providing increased spend visibility.

Plexxus Category Management Model

Plexxus has fully embraced the leading practice of category management.

Working with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Plexxus developed a roadmap to implement a comprehensive category management model.

Based on our success in launching category management in both Cardiac and Diagnostic Imaging and the positive feedback from our hospital and industry stakeholders, other spend categories are on track to adopt this model.

This structured, holistic, and highly collaborative approach will unlock greater value for the healthcare system.

Plexxus Procurement Opportunities

Plexxus conducts its procurement practices in line with all applicable legislation including Ontario’s BPS Procurement Directive and provides its suppliers with an open, fair, transparent and competitive contract award process.

Suppliers that would like to work with Plexxus and its hospitals should be familiar with the Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive which sets out procurement rules in the purchase of goods and services by BPS organizations in Ontario, using public funds. 

Procurement opportunities posted on behalf of Plexxus are located on the Ontario Tenders Portal found here: ontario.ca\tenders.

MMC Plexxus Sourcing Collaborative (MPSC)

Plexxus and Mohawk Medbuy Corporation (MMC) have created a collaboration partnership focused on joint strategic sourcing initiatives on behalf of their hospitals.

Plexxus and MMC represent 60%+ of health care spend in Ontario hospitals across a broad range of categories including medical devices, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, services and facilities.

This collaboration brings Ontario’s two largest public healthcare supply chain services organizations together to drive better patient outcomes, cost savings and supply chain efficiencies into the health care system.

Procurement opportunities hosted on behalf of MPSC are located on Biddingo.

Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

Plexxus has invested in capabilities to lead innovation including value-based procurement and strategic partnerships, to develop a replicable and sustainable model to support healthcare supply chain transformation.

Plexxus is a procurement innovation leader and integrates best practices in procurement with a solution-based approach. This focuses on outcomes across the entire patient journey and cycle of care and provides savings to hospitals through collaborative procurement.

A value-based procurement Example:

The provincial, value-based procurement of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices was the first of its kind in Ontario.

Plexxus collaborated with the Ontario Ministry of Health, CorHealth Ontario, and Ontario’s 12 ICD Implanting Centres to design and deliver a value-based procurement process, one that ensured notable benefits for patients while helping solve health system challenges.

Plexxus launched its first video series, presented as a virtual case study, covering all aspects of this project.

To learn more about value-based procurement or the Provincial Procurement for ICDs/CRTs, contact: innovation@plexxus.ca.

Follow our Innovation & Strategic Partnerships team on Twitter: @PlexxusInnovate