Plexxus Innovation Team is Published in the “Health Management, Policy & Innovation’s” latest (HMPI) issue on Bundled Care

A paper written by Lauren Bell, Senior Manager, Innovation & Strategic Partnerships and Maggie Chen, Senior Project Analyst from Plexxus was published in the Health Management, Policy & Innovation’s (HMPI) latest issue on Bundled Care.

The paper discusses the Role of Shared Services in Supporting Ontario’s Move to Bundled Care and Value-Based Procurement and addresses some of the challenges in linking procurement to outcomes as a core component of integrated funding models such as bundled care. Despite these challenges, value-based procurement for specific portions of the bundles is beginning to make a difference in the quality and cost of services in the province.

Examples include value-based procurement initiatives led by Plexxus, such as procuring across the entire patient continuum to enable bundling implementation for hip and knee patients. The paper is part of the latest issue on Bundled Care, which was released on the HMPI website on January 21.

To access the full paper, click here. 

Plexxus and HMPI