Whistleblower Policy

Applies to: All Plexxus employees
Owner: Corporate
Implemented: January 2014

Section 1: Background

The Plexxus values of Collaborative, Accountable, Professional and Responsive, guide us in how we carry out our business and interact with customers, suppliers and each other.  All employees must act, and be seen to act with honesty, care and due diligence in carrying out their jobs.

The Whistleblower Policy is designed to encourage and enable employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to bring forward information and/or report wrongdoings including ethical issues, questionable financial reporting/practices or unlawful acts.   The policy ensures that whoever brings forward information in good faith are treated fairly and protected from retaliation.

This policy is not intended to replace or supersede any other reporting processes in other Plexxus Policies including Discrimination & Harassment, Workplace Violence & Harassment and Information Technology Usage & Code of Conduct.

This policy contains the following components:

  1. Background
  2. Reporting
  3. Role & Responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Disciplinary measures/consequences
  6. Protection from reprisal
  7. Confidentiality

Section 2: Reporting

Plexxus will establish a process for confidential submissions of concerns through an independent organization. The organization will typically report the information to the Plexxus President & CEO, the Plexxus Board Chair and the Plexxus Vice President, Human Resources to determine best route for investigation and/or resolution.

Section 3: Role & Responsibilities

Reporter (person initiating the concern)

Responsibilities of Staff and Management

Responsibilities of the Plexxus  President & CEO

Responsibilities of the Chair of the Plexxus  Board  of Directors

Annual report of all whistleblower complaints, themes and findings will  be presented to the Governance  Committee of the Plexxus Board of Directors.

Section 4:  Procedure

Once information has been provided to the independent organization, they will make an assessment that may take the following  paths:

  1. Contact the reporter for more information if needed.
  2. Report the complaint details to the Plexxus Board Chair,  Plexxus  President & CEO and the Plexxus Vice President,  Human Resources.  The matter will  be discussed and if necessary, an investigation will be launched with the most appropriate resource(s).
  3. In all cases the appropriate actions will be taken and the reporter will be informed that the investigation has been closed.

Section  5: Disciplinary measures/consequences

If after a thorough  investigation  an employee  is  proven to be responsible  for the wrong  doings reported  on,  they  may  be  subject  to  discipline  up to  and  including  termination  and/or  the information related to the report may be turned over to the police.

Section 6: Protection from  reprisal

If  the  reporter  has  acted  in  good faith  in  reporting  an issue,  he/she  shall  not  be subject  to reprisal.  If the reporter believes  he/she has been subjected to reprisal,  they should  report  it  to the President & CEO, the Plexxus Board Chair,  the Plexxus Vice  President,  Human Resources or whoever led the investigation.

A reporter,  who makes a report, which is  knowingly false or made with malicious intent,  may be subject to discipline,  up to including termination of employment or service.

Section 7: Confidentiality

The  reporter  can be assured  of  confidentiality,  unless  disclosure  is  required through  a  police report or is considered critical to the investigation. The reporter will be advised accordingly.

Contact Information:

Contact information of the independent organization referred to in the Plexxus Whistleblower policy:
Whistleblower Security Inc.